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Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

So, it’s no surprise that as Thanksgiving (quickly!) approaches, I’ve been drafting a big list of things I’m thankful for. The usual suspects are there…

- Brian
- My sister, Kara
- My Laura <3
- Family
- Close friends
- Having a many jobs
- Annmarie Swift Photography
- The Envision Workshop experience

The list really goes on. And on.

Then there are some sort of silly ones.

- The new pack of Harry Potter forever stamps I scooped up at the post office
- Christmas lights around our apartment
- An empty kitchen sink and no dry dishes on the counter
- Philosophy products. Face and bath. All of them.
- A full tank of gas. I will always be thankful for this one.
- Pre-matched socks in my drawer
- Wellies and a puddle to walk through
- Nap time when both boys are sleeping

I’m just extra thankful this year. So many things to be happy about and grateful for!

I’m giving away a portrait session on ASP today! Read all about the details here. Maybe you’re not in the area, but you’re feeling extra thankful yourself? Write to me anyway so I can hear your story. I’d really love to know you!


High Five for Friday

1. ASP business cards arrived this week! :) they’re beautiiiiful

2. I second shot an engagement session with Jess at an abandoned dairy farm on Monday. It was amazing. Except not at night. We checked it out at night last week… terrifying.

3. I contacted Style Me Pretty to see if they could change the photography credit in my feature to Annmarie Swift Photography. Check! They’re the sweetest and had it done in no time!

4. I read this article written by Trevor Dailey on Fstoppers about proper white balancing using Kelvin temperatures last night. It changed me. I can’t wait to shoot again to start getting wb-ing right in camera!

5. The likes just keep coming :) if you haven’t already, click here. Please and thank you!

6. THIS BEAUTY! Billie from Create Love, Design Life is doing all the design work for ASP. She finished my package document this week… unreal. It’s perfect. You should probably just inquire about a wedding so I can send it to you ;)


Linking up with Lauren today!

PS – I will be sponsoring a giveaway on Lauren’s blog tomorrow! Stop by and enter to win! :)